The art of photography is to record every moment and freezing it in time for future generations to admire. While we know about knowledge of your equipment, your subject and extreme patience and the roles they play in good images, there are also certain rules and tricks of the trade that can help you with making an average photograph amazing.

Knowing The Rules

Some basic rules of photography – know about proper exposure, which is how much light is reaching the film, histogram which is the tones in an image, and the rule of thirds- dividing up your picture equally and to the best effect. Once you have these down, then it is time to start playing and learning when you need to stick to these and when you should or can break them.

Knowing The Light

Learn to work with the best light available – the golden hours. These happen in the early morning before sunrise, and late evening as the sun is setting. The light from mid-morning through to mid-afternoon is quite harsh and can take the magic out of your images. The one exception to this is overcast days as the light will stay soft and low all day. Photography is like painting with light, so once you know your light you can use it to your advantage, and knowing your equipment can help you manipulate that light to your advantage.

Knowing Your Angles

Knowing when to zoom in and when to shoot wide angle is hugely beneficial to taking a good picture. Each of these lends a different feeling to the image – wide angles showing horizons, sky and environment help to tell a story, while extreme close ups capture the emotion of your scene, and lend themselves more to abstract photography. Also be aware of perspective – a basic picture can come alive if you can get to the eye level of your subject.