When you hear the term online game you automatically think first-person games – shooting, racing, building cities. It brings to mind being hunched over on the couch for hours screaming at people on the other side of the world while living on takeaway. But this is a very stereotypical image, and there are many different types of online gaming these days. And plenty of them are using wildlife and nature photography for all sorts of reasons.

Simple Gaming

Some of the best wildlife images in online games you will find in simple games like animal naming games- can you name the following from A-Z. These games have beautiful close-up images to give you the best possibility of “guessing” the right animal or name. You can also play the same game, but naming the animals by their skeletons, which also showcases wildlife photography from a much different perspective. There are also some fun games that simulate being on safari or looking after zoos and their occupants. This offers knowledgeable insight on the interesting and diverse animal kingdom world.

Online But Not Quite Gaming

There are also many apps now for those people going to wildlife reserves that show you how to track and recognize animals by their footprints and droppings – not a game as such but a good example of wildlife photography used for different online purposes. Wildlife apps have also replaced many of the huge tomes that used to be carried by avid bird watchers and tourists on safari.

There is also genre known as in-game photography, also called screen-shot art and this consists of capturing images inside a game. This can be used for virtual tourism, and so can be done in any game based on a specific environment, location or animal behaviour so loosely this can be grouped as wildlife photography.