Many online games are using much more advanced graphics, and this is where wildlife photography can play a role. From home screen images through to games built around finding animal locations in background scenery, wildlife photography is popping up all over. There are also games dedicated to building and maintaining your own wildlife parks.

Popular Games Using Wildlife Photography

While it may be edited to the point that it no longer resembles actual photographs, gaming giants such and Grand Theft Auto and Sims have brought out games based on wildlife and wildlife photography. You can play wildlife photography challenges, you can play games from an animal’s’ perspective, and you can play games that involve finding secret locations. All of these involve using wildlife photography in some way or another.

Simulation Games

You can find many photography games online that simulate taking pictures in different situations- stampedes across the African planes, a lion kill or animal migrations. This is a great way to decide to learn the basic of photography. Some of these games also let you experience different types of cameras so you can make a more informed choice before you go out shopping. Some of these games are point based and they give you an image to match; the closer you are the more points you earn.

More Than Just A Few

There are also many online games featuring animal simulations – from growing your character from a single celled organism through to adulthood to being an animal and navigating the life of said animal. Some of these have very realistic graphic of environment and characters, while some are very animated and unrealistic. You can also play many first person games that are wild life based – fishing and hunting games are the most popular and have the best wildlife images in them.